Printing Territory Cards

Note: This video is a bit old, so you can skip the beginning and start watching from 4:00. The export/import phase is no more needed, because you can now login to Territory Bro and it will show your territories directly. Also the experimental web browser features mentioned in the video are no more experimental.

Log in to and you should see your territories ready to be printed using various card templates. You can print multiple territories by holding down Ctrl or Shift to select them from the territories list.

By default, the maps from OpenStreetMap are used, but Territory Bro can support also other freely available maps (for example Finland has another map raster to choose from). Create an issue if you know about a map you wish to use.

You can do minor adjustments to the maps: zoom them and move them around. These adjustments are not saved, so do them right before printing the cards.

Using the latest Chrome or Firefox, save the territory cards page as PDF. Open the PDF in Adobe Reader, print one page with 100% scale on A4 paper and measure the distance between the printed crop marks. Then measure that what the dimensions of the card should really be, so that it would fit inside your protective plastic cases. Calculate the correct scale for printing the cards by dividing those two measures (last time I did it, it was about 92%; your mileage may vary).

Print the territory cards with the correct scale on thick A4 paper. Cut the cards along the crop marks using a ruler and a sharp knife. Optionally cover the cards with adhesive book covering film (before cutting them out).